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A lot of people are having a problem about those people who don’t know how to manage their garbage and trash well. Some might just throw their rubbish and even just a piece of candy wrapper anywhere. That is the reason why a lot of organization is having a strict disposal management in which it would those people who are having a hard time to follow simple instruction about how they are going to throw their dirt in the proper bin or trash can. Due to the poor sanitation and proper management of the garbage in our city and country, then it would result to the destruction of the ecosystem and the worst is that pollution is becoming more severe in terms of inhaling fresh air, global warming that makes the nature even hotter and of course water pollution where some places are having a difficult situation in getting fresh and potable water. This is one of the main reasons why some cities would make a plan in order for the waste removal. But of course, the discipline would really start from yourselves. You should know how to deal with the different situation and how you are going to make a change when it comes to the proper management and throwing of your own rubbish.  


  1. The easiest way to help the Earth about the waste problem is to throw right away your rubbish to the proper bin that you can find in your place. For example, if you are walking in the park and you have finished eating your candy or anything else then wait for the chance that you might see a rubbish can or trash bin. In throwing your candy wrapper, make sure that you know where you will put it. Basic knowledge about biodegradable and non-bio. If you can’t find one and it is a good idea to keep the wrapper in your pocket. Wait until you get home and throw it properly.  
  2. At home, it is common for our parents that they will cook vegetables or will have some fruit for snacks. It would be a wonderful idea that you make a compost pit. In this way, all the stuff that is considered biodegradable can be thrown there right away. It would make a good way to use as fertilizer for your garden. Put in mind that you need to have this at the back of your house and you need enough space as well.  
  3. If you can see things that you might be able to reuse or to recycle then that might be helpful in reducing the waste that you are going to accumulate. In this manner, you are not only making yourself a good example to others but also you are learning the right way. 
  4. Wait until the garbage collector picks up your trash. You have to know the rules about it. You can leave your trash bin outside your house so that it would be easy for them to get it.  

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