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Guide To Resurfacing Concrete Driveways

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There will come a time when driveway resurfacing Austin, Tx will be needed. Like anything, the material of your driveway has a lifespan and will surely not last forever. No matter what type of material the driveway is made out of it will always be good to resurface it at some point in its life. There is a certain guide or process for concrete driveways that need to be followed when resurfacing a road professional or not. There is a set guide that should be followed to resurface a road properly. Here is a step by step guide on how to properly resurface a driveway.

Concrete Driveways

The first step to resurfacing a driveway is to prepare the surface. The perfect way to prepare it is by thoroughly cleaning it. Now, this is not just done by watering the driveway with a house but should be done with pressurized water to ensure that the path is ready to be resurfaced.     

Then, inspect the driveway for any cracks or damages because that would need to be patched up with fabric as soon as you see it. One way to patch it up is by reinforcing the cracks with fabric. After, apply the cracks filled with material some elastomeric basecoat to put it all together. Polymer concrete is then added to make sure that the fabric holds and that the driveway is smooth and ready for the latter part of the process.     

This is to make sure that the foundation is rock solid before resurfacing the driveway because if you had resurfaced it with a cracked foundation, the concrete would just go through and you would end up with an uneven path. If any holes are still seen after doing that process, the holes should then be filled with epoxy mortar to take care of that problem.     

After properly preparing the driveway for the actual resurfacing, apply the prime coat and granule broadcast on the surface. This is to start the resurfacing process and will serve as the coating on top of the base of the driveway. Next, spray polymer concrete onto the road with a hopper gun and spread it evenly throughout the driveway. Gently trowel the surface after applying the concrete to finish.     

Subsequently, add some color coat to the concrete to protect the natural color of the concrete and make sure that it stays that color until it is time to resurface the material again. Lastly, apply the seal coat to the whole driveway to finish off the process of resurfacing the road. This is one of the ways to completely resurface a road.     

Make sure to leave the driveway free of any contact with any vehicle or person to let it dry and mesh together. If you are not familiar with resurfacing, then you should ask the help of the professional in following this guide because to follow this guide you would need to have some background in the construction area to comprehend the actions that need to be done fully.   

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